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The Chinese company firmly believes that: to win customer service, service brand, service to create value. The Chinese customer service is not only the after sale service, but the whole program of customer service, customer service concept in R & D, manufacturing, inspection, delivery, installation, commissioning, service, warranty period maintenance after every step of the whole process of the product life-long maintenance!

The China R & D and design inspiration comes from the user, each time the improvement and innovation of ang Hua Machinery Products from the user experience and their valuable comments and suggestions, the demand of the user design, R & D and manufacturing for the China pointed out the direction, but also the Chinese source not innovative, customer service is our duty. In customer service, the company solemn commitment!
Ang Hua Machinery manufacturing service commitment
By both parties through friendly consultation and sign commissioned contract, according to the customer's samples and technical parameters of the factory to provide machine configuration as a standard for approval.
1.If the mechanical product customer selected is expensive, the existing equipment, the company will arrange production, timing report to customers for machinery and equipment production schedule.
2.If the mechanical product customer selected is non-standard products, we will design according to customer requirements, manufacturing parameters, test until the complete. The principal manufacturing process, the client can send technical personnel to the factory to make our supervision, inspection, testing the whole process manufacture of mechanical products, ensure product delivery and quality of products.
3.In the manufacturing process if the customer requests to change or add configuration in the mechanical equipment, the company promised to actively meet the requirements of customers.
Acceptance of delivery, service commitment
1.Before delivery 3 days prior notice to the client, we generally recommend customers arrange equipment acceptance and lifting equipment, under the conditions of best determine a warehouse;
2.Before the equipment arrived at the scene, we will specially appoint professional and technical personnel of customer contact, and inform the need to be equipped with the essentials;
3.When unloading must choose carefully stacked place, if the choice is piled up in the open air, complete the rainproof, moisture-proof, equipment must be rust and anti-theft measures;
4.On the acceptance of equipment items, you can send to ang Hua company manufacturing plant for the approval, or ang Hua company checks in accordance with the contract requirements. Customer acceptance personnel need to count the number of goods, confirm the machine type, quantity, and the signing of the contract requirements mentioned in machine type number agreement, if there are omissions or errors must take timely corrective and remedial measures, confirm the integrity of equipment and packing list. The appearance quality of equipment etc..
Service commitment equipment installation, commissioning
1.About the equipment installation issues, received the client requires the installation of notification within 24 hours, the Chinese will arrange installation technicians.
2.Regarding the equipment debugging, our company will send professional and technical personnel arrived at the scene, and according to the site conditions to develop equipment order, equipment installation note installation, and for the first time, equipment debugging, make equipment adjustment to optimal state.
3.In the Chinese engineering and technical personnel to the scene, they will according to the specific conditions of the scene, first determine the debugging scheme, to guide customers to make preparations before adjustment; if the parameters and rules numerical differences, we promise to use the fastest speed to find out the reason and give the correct.
After the warranty period of service commitment
1.Free training: the operator can free a user to Division I in commissioning, repair and maintenance training.
2.Tracking service and regular visits: we will provide lifetime full tracking service for users.
3.Spare parts supply: warranty period after wearing parts, charge the cost fee, and promised to provide long-term spare parts in the most favorable price.
Warranty service commitment
Service standards: ang Hua company is committed to customer service service personnel necessary requirements to equipment using field, the language of civilization, courtesy, amiable, observation, thinking, less talk, more work, if after sale service personnel in any of the following circumstances can be complaints:
1.In Western dress and leather shoes, deny all knowledge of an event, the attitude is not good person may file a complaint;
2.About the objective causes, circumstances, shirk responsibility person may file a complaint;
3.Behavior was not standardized, bad attitude, and even had a dispute with customers complaints.
Complaints Hotline:0577-65631717
Once verified the above does not regulate the service behavior of customer service staff and we will deal seriously, until the user acceptance.
Equipment warranty
Equipment in the warranty period of 12 months, during the warranty period non-human causes because of equipment failure, manufacturing defects, the Chinese company will provide repair service in time, in all related equipment failure within the warranty period will need someone to repair expenses are also responsible (except our fault human made).
Quality commitment
After sale service personnel will be the first time arrived at the scene quickly, timely decision quality failures, and give the effective scheme to solve the problem, the timely processing of processed immediately, not timely processing of consent, to take all measures can be taken to ensure the normal operation of equipment, rapid recovery. If the parts need to be replaced or equipment components, we are committed to unconditional replacement, the warranty period of all parts are free of charge.
· customer service hotline
The customer service of mobile phone:13625873008
Online service:sky_6111
Users purchase equipment necessary to support services, please call the company telephone:
Tel:0577-65809800 Mob:13625873008
Product quality service
The company sold products provide free guide installation and commissioning, warranty period of one year, nationwide, execute 8 hours of timely service response. Regular interaction with customers, free training for operation and maintenance personnel. Provide product design, selection, installation, use, maintenance and equipment using technical support.
To establish a communication channel customers and ang Hua company, customer service request response can be obtained in the first time.
Warranty service content:
The Chinese companies and global agents around the shared terminal customers high quality after sale service, after sale service specific responsibilities are as follows:
1.The Chinese company is responsible for the provision of spare parts to customers, a quality problem within one year, with the old change new parts processing, delivery by post handover, machine parts, such as damage to a person, also by the preferential price supply, by mail transfer.
2.As the Chinese company's agents, have the obligation to equipped with machine parts for emergency use, when the client machine failure, agency business shall promptly and effectively to the equipment field, and provide timely repair service, the service charge by the agents responsible for the. If the agent due to technical problems for customers failed to settle equipment failure, may request the Division I send technicians to repair equipment debugging using field, generated by the agents responsible for the service fees.
Reaction time commitment to service quality guarantee period (warranty door-to-door service telephone communication can not be resolved,)
Area: 5 hours to the scene
The suburbs: 12 hours to the scene
Cross City: 48 hours to the scene
Other: 60 hours to the scene (school nearby office customer service service personnel arrived at the scene service)
The contract will be based on the different mechanical products detailed warranty period agreed in the contract, the contract shall prevail.
· spares support
Spare parts support is an important part of the service system, Ruian ang Hua ensure adequate spare parts support and rapid supply of spare parts.
Automatic packaging machine manufacturers - Ruian ang Hua after sale service commitment
Free warranty service commitment:
Electrical accessories: 1 years free warranty, life-long maintenance
Electrical switch: 1 years free warranty, life-long maintenance
The entity: 1 years free warranty, life-long maintenance

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